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COVID Refunds


We understand that COVID is making everyone's lives a little more difficult and we want to reassure all of our clientele that we will do our very best to look after you. 

Covid strikes without warning. It is frustrating for everyone, but we have learnt to live with it as best we can without cancelling all future events. That would be devastating on the entire creative community and our artists would miss out on the much needed work too.

The following should help answer any questions. Please refrain from contacting us more than 14 days before your event as we manage very high numbers of calls when COVID outbreaks occur and will only be able to give you the following information:

In the event of a COVID outbreak in your region or the workshop location

14 Days or more before an Event:

If your workshop is still more than 14 days away, we ask that you sit tight and wait for us to contact you around whether your event is still planned to go ahead. 

14-7 Days before an Event:

If you are in a region that is considered to be a high risk area - we ask that you contact us immediately via email (our phone times are very limited and we prefer to keep records of conversations via email). As part of our commitment to a COVID-safe plan, we cannot allow participation from anyone who has been in a current COVID hotspot or declared exposure site 14 days from an event with us.

If a hotspot declaration is lifted you will be able to attend an event without waiting 14 days.

7 Days before an Event:

We will assess how many participants are unable to attend our event. If we cannot reach minimum numbers for our event, we will need to postpone to new dates and you will receive notification from us via text or email. In the event that we postpone an event, you will have a choice around whether you would like to move to our new dates or receive a refund.

If there are COVID restrictions from 7 days before an event, you will receive a full refund. Prior to this 7 day time frame should you wish to cancel your workshop, you will be eligible for a credit only.

These are extremely difficult times for a small business such as ours and we ask that if you cannot move to the new dates of your event, that you keep your payment as a credit rather than seeking a refund and attend another event on future dates. 

We thank our entire community for holding in there with us. We have taken the approach of looking after our clientele in the hope that you will feel safe booking with us and continue to book with us in the years to come. We look forward to seeing you at something creative soon :)

Classes and Workshops

All bookings are through Trybookong - you will be redirected to the Trybooking website to purchase your workshop tickets. You will receive an email confirming the details of booking. Please contact us if this does not occur.

We will touch base again the week of the workshops to give you any further information for your workshop!

Privacy & Safety

We are committed to the National Privacy Principles contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). The information we collect about you during this online booking process is collected for the purpose of:

  1. confirming your online booking;

  2. providing you with the services described;

  3. facilitating our internal business operations;

  4. providing you with information about the goods and services that we offer that may be of interest to you; and

  5. analysing the goods and services that we offer with a view to developing new and improved goods and services.

You may access the personal information we hold about you by contacting us through our website.

Payment Methods
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