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Paper Cutting


Workshop 2 hours

Saturday 16 October 2021 - 2.30pm to 4.30pm

Sunday 17 October 2021 - 2.30pm to 4.30pm

Create a whimsical paper-cut light box!


About the Workshop

Creating Your Own Paper-cut Light Box

Artist Ellen Sørensen brings her 10+ years experience and knowledge in the field of paper-cut art, offering hands-on instruction, advice and trade secrets of the craft in an intimate studio setting.

Ellen’s portfolio in her medium is vast, spanning across printed publications for Nick Cave, Tangible Media and nationwide advertising campaigns, to highly detailed dioramas for solo and group exhibitions, stop-motion animation and live digital-improvised performance art.


For this two hour workshop, you will receive all the materials required to create your own multi-layered paper-cut light box, including easy to follow design templates, light box materials and personal support on cutting technique to get the best out of the tools provided - in a relaxed environment.


This workshop is aimed at beginners of the craft, however care and an eye for detail is required as participants will be working with very sharp knives and there will be some tracing and drawing skills required. Please note that while you will be provided with everything you need to create your very own paper-cut box, the actual lighting is not included in class materials but Ellen will give guidance on that completing touch!

Your take home kit includes -

  • 1 x wooden frame (6 x 6 inches)

  • 3 x 300 GSM paper slides (6 x 6 inches)

  • 3 x foam board sheets (6 x 6 inches)

  • 1 x scalpel and packet 5 x blades

  • 1 x A4 self-healing cutting mat

  • 1 HB pencil

  • Double-sided tape (for installation)


Netherby Historic House

606 Warrenheip Street, Buninyong


  • All materials supplied


Please refer to the terms & conditions at the bottom of the site for changes to your booking. We have a very strict no changes to booking inside of 7 days policy. You will receive a full refund if government restrictions prevent travel.


There are several options in walking distance. Please note there is no fridge onsite.

Tea and instant coffee making facilities will be available at the venue.


There is plenty of free parking all over Buninyong within walking distance to all venues.



Only 10 students! Book early!


Please do not attend and contact us straight away to get a refund if you have any cold and flu symptoms and/or have travelled to a COVID hotspot inside of 14 days of the workshop. Our workshop spaces are set up to ensure adequate distancing between students.

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Meet the Artist
Ellen Sørensen

Ellen Sørensen is an artist and musician based in Melbourne.

Born to Danish father and Kiwi mother, she was raised on a foundation of bush walks, camping trips, and Danish lunches alongside piano and violin lessons and storytelling.

‘My mum and older sister endorsed many of the stories I used to make sense of my world as a child.
I still remember episodes of rising in the morning to survey eggcups filled with sprinkles I’d left on the kitchen table the night before. Point 2 handwriting on tiny folded pieces of tissue paper let me know ‘the fairies’ were grateful for the treats I’d left for them and that they’d be back again to play in the Tupperware pools they’d found alongside.

My very patient mother and grandfather on my father’s side were both known for spending years working on elaborate embroideries. It’s something I never really thought about growing up, but now that I’m older I am beginning to see that those forms of traditional pursuits have informed my creative practice in a big way.

My father was also an avid maker. I can only think of one house we ever lived in where he didn’t have a workshop he could hide away in and make things. From an electrically functional dollhouse he made for me as a child, to having a hand in building our family home that was always a really big part of my family life growing up. These experiences undoubtedly informed and had a huge impact on how I’ve grown to value craftsmanship and the handmade.’



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